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LXLE 18.04.3

Ronnie Whisler has announced the release of LXLE 18.04.3, a new version of the project's Lubuntu-based distribution targeting primarily older and low-specification desktop computers. This release brings various changes to the default application set, including a switch from LibreOffice to AbiWord / Gnumeric:

"After many weeks of tweaks, tweaks and issues addressed the final version of LXLE 18.04.3 is being released for public criticism. This release concentrated on slimming down the distribution; providing computing essentials with a focus on low system resource usage while maintaining ease of use. Issues addressed: GParted launcher fixed; driver manager updated; simple image reducer fixed; keyboard input method updated; PPA library additions corrected; Xarchiver contextual menu fixed Replaced applications: GIMP replaced with Pinta; Htop replaced with Lxtask; Sakura set as default terminal; FBreader replaced with Bookworm; OpenShot video editor replaced by PiTiVi; Libreoffice replaced with Abiword / Gnumeric / Spice-Up. Equalizer; Lubuntu Software Center; Java OpenJDK."

Para ler a nota de lançamento clique aqui. Para baixar clique no link:https://www.lxle.net/download/