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Como Instalar o Krita 4.0.4

Linux Lite 4.0

Jerry Bezencon has announced the release of Linux Lite, an Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the Xfce desktop environment. Some key changes in the newly launched Linux Lite 4.0 include a new backup utility, replacing home directory encryption with full disk encryption and dropping 32-bit support.

"The main changes in Linux Lite 4.x include a new icon and system theme, Timeshift for system backups, Shotwell to manage and perform basic edits on images, MenuLibre to manage menu entries, new Lite applications including Lite Desktop that manages common icons on the desktop, Lite Sounds to manage system wide sounds, and many of our existing applications have been updated. See below for all the changes: Minimum recommended specs have been raised slightly more realistic levels (RAM, CPU). 32-bit ISO releases. If you still require 32-bit OS due to hardware limitations, 3.x series is supported through April 2021. Xfce PulseAudio plugin, has been added to the system tray for highly customizable options regarding volume management. Full disk encryption now replaces home encryption in the installer (an Ubuntu implementation) The new boot splash also shows you the password field in GUI for encrypted partitions. swap partition. A swap file is now automatically created for you which is a maximum of 2GB or 5% of free disk space (an Ubuntu implementation). Compositing is now enabled out-of-the-box."

Para ler a nota de lançamento clique aqui. Para baixar clique no link:https://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxlite/files/4.0/